Monday, March 31, 2008

Breathing exercise for awakening kundalini

Swami Sivananda Saraswati re-commended this pranayama in his book, Kundalini Yoga:

When you practice the following, concentrate on the mooladhara chakra at the base of the spinal column, which is triangular in form and which is the seat of the kundalini shakti. Close the right nostril with your right thumb. Inhale through the left nostril till you count three Oms slowly.

Awake kundaliniImagine that you are drawing the prana with the atmospheric air. Then close the left nostril with your little and ring fingers of the right hand. Then retain the breath for 12 Oms. Send the current down the spinal column straight into the triangular lotus, the mooladhara chakra.

Imagine that the nerve-current is striking against the lotus and awakening the kundalini. Then slowly exhale through the right nostril counting 6 Oms.

Repeat the process beginning with the right nostril as stated above, using the same units, and having the same imagination and feeling. This pranayama will awaken the kundalini quickly. Do it thrice in the morning and in the evening.

Increase the number and frequency gradually and cautiously according to your strength and capacity. In this pranayama, concentration on the mooladhara chakra is the important thing. Kundalini will be awakened quickly if the degree of concentration is intense and if the pranayama is practised regularly.

Friday, December 14, 2007

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is the condensed form of all the universal faculties. It is the core of all the energies and power of action inherent in human being from the super being. This Power remains dormant till it is not awakened. This force is concentrated in the bottom of spine. It is uplifted through spine, crossing all the chakras through the way.

As the kundalini is being uplifted, the various chakras, through the path is awakened and the person starts getting the virtues of god. Awakening kundalini is the process of self realization - realizing the supreme being as yourself.

Kundalini can be uplifted through many methods. It can be done through mantra sadhana, through Diksha from Guru ( transfer of Divine energy ), Kriya Yog, Prannayam( Breathing process), ras bigyan and even Ayurvedic herbs and potions.

The best way of upliftment is mantra sadhana. It is the safest method and can be tried by anyone. With the activation of Kundalini without proper channelizing, tremendous gush of energy developed in your body, can cause great harm. But this process is a slow and steady method totally free of such risk.

This is done under the guidance of an accomplished Guru who can fully control is power. In this the six Chakras are activated one at a time. There are seven stages of this Sadhana, one for each chakra. Different mantras for awakening different chakras can be obtained from sadguru.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Is Siddhashram Reality? By Gurudev Dr. Shreemali

‘Siddhashram’ is real and authentic. It is the greatest goal of spirituality and a lot has been mentioned about it in various ancient scriptures. It is a divine Ashram’ which extends for many miles, to the North of Mansarovar & Kailash. But being covered by a thick layer of ozone, nobody can see it and it is also not possible to take its picture from a plane or a satellite.

There is nothing such as death in this celestial land of elixir. Everybody is free from all kinds of sorrows, weakness, and anxieties. All seem to be savouring the effects of pleasure, juvenility and happiness. Even today one can see the great Yogis like Vashishtha. Vishwamitra, Garg, Atri, Kanad, Shri Krishna, Shankaracharya etc. wandering about, and can converse with them for acquiring guidance in various Sadhanas. In fact it is the duty of Siddhashrami’ to maintain the equilibrium between materialism and spiritualism, and to work it out extraordinary Yogis present themselves in this world, from time to time.

A person can enter ‘Siddhashram’ only through spiritual powers and only then he achieves the totality of life.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fulfilling first criteria for entering Siddhashram

The first criteria for siddhashram entry is awakening the kundalini power upto sahashrar. Kundalini is widely known term, but many are only on the rumor and insufficient knowledge. The kundalini can be awakened only by the grace of the sadguru. It can be awakened by yoga. There are various mathods mentioned in various books like Rudra yamala tantra, Hath Yoga Pradipika and many other. But awakening kundalini is not a joke.

Gurudev Dr. Narayan Dutta Shreemali ji has given us a easy method of mantra yoga. According to this, one has to recite 4 rosaries of Guru mantra, then one rosary of Chetana mantra and one rosary of Gayatri mantra. These mantras can be obtained from diksha from guru or from gurudham, in Jodhpur, India or other similar organizations.

The Jodhpur Gurudham address is Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan, Dr. Shrimali Marg, High Court Colony, Jodhpur 342001, Rajasthan, India. The Telephone number is +91-(0291)-432209 and telefax number is +91-(0291)-432010.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Related sites This is the site official Mantra Tantra Yentra Vigyan site from Jodhpur, India. Contains many things for the person interested in Mantra, Tantra, Yentra, Sadhana etc. Contains not only the written mantra. one can listen the way the mantra is chanted. Also contains various things like meditation, yoga, kundalini, mantra sadhana, tantra sadhana, dikshya, etc. This site is operated by Siddhashram Sadhak Pariwar, Nepal. This is the official site of Siddhashram Shakti Kendra, Nepal. The main focus of this organization is to make the simple man gain enough energy through sadhana and guru karya, to be eligible for the entry in siddhashram. This organization worship Mahayogi Gorakshya Nath and Nikhiliswarananda Maharaj as sadguru. Many information about siddhashram are found in this blog. International Siddhashram Shakti Center official website. ISSC has its branches in India and UK. Site dedicated to Siddhashram The official site of Gorakshya Nikhil Vani monthly, a spiritual research magazine The official site of Gorakshya Nikhil Jyoti Divya Vidyashram, a school which focuses on modern education integrated with spiritual education. It is the another address for Siddhashram Shakti Kendra. It is the official site of Gorakshya Peeth Siddachal Mrigasthali, Nepal. It is the place where Maha Yogi Gorakshya Nath Mediated.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ordinary person in Siddhashram

Although an ordinary person cannot enter Siddhashram but owing to the special efforts of Swami Nikhileshwaranandji, some important personalities, who were of highly materialistic mind and thoughts were allowed to enter Siddhashram for a few hours. During previous days, some scientists, doctors and a group of persons from western countries were taken to Siddhashram through Yogic power, to make them understand that this Ashram is not imaginary but is a real truth. Those persons were enthrilled by its sight and they realised that it is a place on the earth which controls the entire universe. In this adverse environment when a mania of violence and war is prevailing in the world and the entire world is sitting on a heap of gunpowder the credit for survival of mankind goes only to Siddhashram.

That fortunate group included persons who are excellent in their own fields. Among them, the famous atomic scientist of America Mr. Jeff and renowned doctors of Brazil, Dr. Puling and Dr. Yulee were present. Scientist Emerson and astronomer Mr. Paharich; the famous fashion model of Hollywood, Miss Beeli; scientist from London, Mr. Bruooji were also among them. The group also included scientist Sirang who designed space travelling to moon and scientist Hori, who was the inventor of computer science.

Similar Places described in other religion

There is a similar concept in Tibet of mystical land of Shambhala (also spelled Shambala or Shamballa). It is a mystical kingdom hidden somewhere beyond the snowpeaks of the Himalayas. It is mentioned in various ancient texts, including the Kalachakra Tantra and the ancient texts of the Zhang Zhung culture which pre-dated Tibetan Buddhism in western Tibet. It is also the land of enlightened or the pure land. The Kalachakra tantra was taught by Shakyamuni Gautam Buddha.

The Bön scriptures speak of a closely-related land called Olmolungring.

The image of Kalachakra from Sera Monastery in wikipedia